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The State of Diversity at LPS

A Panel Discussion

The State of Diversity at LPS

On January 15, 2021 the Foundation for LPS Honor Roll Society hosted an event to discuss diversity in our schools. At registration we asked individuals to submit questions to the panel. 


Panel Questions

The most frequently submitted questions echoed the ones listed below. While we were unable to respond to all in the hour allotted, we believe this is the beginning of a deeper community conversation.

  1. What was your reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests in Lincoln this summer?
  2. Talk to us about systematic racism and how that has been ingrained in education.
  3. What is LPS actively doing to have conversations about race, diversity and inclusion?
  4. How do you combat racism in the curriculum?
  5. What kind of training do you provide to teachers on diversity and inclusion?
  6. What does diversity and inclusion programming look like at different age levels?
  7. What is LPS doing to help students of color graduate?
  8. What can the community do to help support these efforts?


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