Solar Eclipse Glasses for All!

Students of all ages in Lincoln Public Schools will have a once in a lifetime opportunity on August 21, 2017, to view a total solar eclipse. The event will start as the moon begins blocking out the sun around 11:00 a.m. A complete shadow, or totality, will occur around 1:00 p.m. giving students at all LPS schools a front row seat on this astrological event just by walking outside the door.




Family Literacy - 2Gen

Family Literacy aims to help students and parents of all cultures learn imporant English language literacy skills. Last year, the program helped 120 students and 120 parents learn these skills, and 97% of participants thought that the program had made a significant difference! In addition to language skills, the Family Literacy program helps parents understand the importance of supporting their children's education.



Activities Assistance Fund

For most families, parents can support the equipment and supplies needed to be a part of a team. But for some, this can become a barrier to participate. This fund helps level the playing field. Each student who qualifies receives a voucher to purchase shoes, equipment and a physical provided by a community partner. Last year alone we distributed over $9,000 to 109 athletes. Help a student now so they can be a part of the team.





Ukulele Club

Everett Elementary School

Your gifts will help us expand Everett Elementary's Ukulele Club into something truly special. This has been an incredible music education experience!

Donors helped award 16 ukuleles this spring to students who completed the required ukulele club meetings. Having ukuleles they can own gives students a musical experience they would otherwise not likely have. We want to expand this opportunity to even more Everett students for the 2017-18 school year.

Each semester we will allow a new group of students to enter the club and work toward earning their own FREE ukulele to keep.

With your help, you can provide a student-model ukulele at no cost to each club member who attends 75 percent of club meetings for Quarter 1 and Quarter 3.

Listen to students' progress so far this quarter!

  • Jens Lehman

    Jens Lehman

    Music teacher

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Huntington Elementary School

A variety of fifth grade students at Huntington have the opportunity to participate in the Young Men's and Women's empowerment clubs. We focus on building leadership, character, and responsibility by providing experiences that offer students the opportunity to reflect, set goals, and learn how to build these valuable traits.

Students are encouraged to set themselves apart by dressing for success on days we meet as a club. They participate in community service projects and go on field trips around the community. Overall, these students have impact and are mentored in such a way that empowers them to build their leadership and character skills for the betterment of their community.

Your gifts will provide formal dress apparel for students in addition to a variety of field trip opportunities that students would otherwise not experience.

  • Rick Devney

    Rick Devney


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Recording Studio

East High School

Your gifts could start a new tradition for East High music students. If this event is as meaningful as I hope, I will attempt to make this field trip happen every semester.

This field trip is for the students of two different classes at East High School: Guitar II (advanced guitar) and Music Technology. We will travel to a local recording studio. All students will be exposed to the learning experience of the recording process in a professional studio. The Guitar II students will perform and be recorded, while the Music Technology students will be working directly with Tim Kechley -- recording technician -- to help set up the equipment and computer software. Tim Kechley has taught online courses and college courses on the recording process, so he has a background in educating students in this area.

There will be 25 students overall -- 11 Guitar II students and 14 Music Technology students. The guitar students continue to work hard preparing music for this field trip. The Music Technology students have already learned some basic aspects of recording through class, but the equipment we have access to in our building is limited. We have a departmental account we can use to help fund this event, but because this is not a typical part of this account's budget, I am seeking external funding.

  • Paul Kenney

    Paul Kenney

    Ass't. Band Director

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Spotlight On


The Career Academy (TCA) is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. LPS students can explore their specific interest in any one of 16 different career pathways. Click here to learn more and donate.