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With a parent approval rating in the the 90th percentile, we're pretty sure we've got a good thing going, but don't just take our word for it. 

Read what other parents are saying about Spark Summer Learning. 

Best Day Of His Life

“When my son first participated in Spark he was going into 5th grade. He’s a student who always identified as a scientist and engineer. When I came home after the first day he ran and jumped into my arms and said that it was the best day of his life.” - Dr. James Blake, Spark Parent


Highlight of Our Week

"I could give example after example of how much our daughter took away from this unique program, but in short we feel very lucky that the Spark Program is available in Lincoln and our daughter got to be a part of it. Every child should have access to such great care and a fantastic curriculum which allows them to grow in their own unique direction! It was the highlight of our week to see how our daughter presented the information she had gained that week along with whatever project she had completed with her peers." –Cheryl and Shaun Dunn, Spark Parents


The Boys Loved Their Summer

“One of Haris’ favorite themes was Animal Engineers-Bioengineering. The children learned about animal adaptations from a Lincoln Children’s Zoo demonstration and from observations they made during a field trip to Pioneers Park. My boys were excited to tell me about seeing a serval cat leap ten feet into the air.

These experiences inspired the children to imagine and create new inventions based on animal adaptations. Haris’ group created a “Split Crane” which was derived from a giraffe’s ability to splay its legs widely in order to lower itself enough to drink water. The Split Crane’s base could separate so that the crane could then lower and dig deeper than its normal range. The crane could lift and dump higher as well. 

One of the boys’ favorite aspects of Spark was the 3-D printer. Haris learned to program and operate the printer, and his group created a 3-D prototype of the Split Crane.

The boys loved their summer at Spark and I am confident that we chose the best summer program." –Laura Plicanic, Spark Parent