Location & Hours

The Where & When

Parent's we've got you. Consider this your new best friend, helping you get your kiddos where they need to be, when they need to be there.


Hours of Operation

Full Time Programming Runs Monday-Friday

Half Day Programming Runs Monday-Friday

Complimentary Before Care

Complimentary After Care



Physical Address
7401 Jacobs Creek Dr
Lincoln, NE 68512

Located Inside Adams Elementary School (Near 27th and Pine Lake Road)

Parking, Pick Up & Drop Off

Parking and Drop Off
Feel free to park in the drop off lane.
Check your child in/out daily at the front office.


Contact Info

Email: info@sparksummer.org
Phone: 402-436-1612
Late Arrival/Pick Up: Please let us know you're on your way by calling or sending an email.