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Jame Cartwright

Jame Cartwright

Educational Background (School/Degree/Specialized Training): BA in Child Development from UNL, MA in Early Childhood Special Education from UNL

Years with Spark: 3

Favorite thing about kids: My favorite thing about working with kids, especially at Spark, is watching them explore concepts that are new to them! Having kids explore the world of nanoscience or worms and watching them make connections with what they already know is pretty remarkable. I also love seeing the sense of pride and accomplishment when they've created something new.

Favorite thing about STEAM: My favorite thing about STEAM is that many of the STEAM-based topics are new to children and so it is an all-new opportunity for learning and growth. Also, within STEAM based topics, there is something that everyone can find interesting; if math isn't your thing, perhaps exploring the topic through art speaks to you in a way that helps make sense of it.

Best summer memory/experience in 180 characters or less: My best summer memories would involve traveling with my family, both when I was young and now as an adult traveling with my own children, exploring new and familiar places together