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2022 Inspire Award Winners


Joney Htoo

Elliott Elementary 
5th Grade
Nominated By: Kathleen Dering

Joney Htoo is an especially conscientious student in his academic and social interactions. As an engaged and active participant in class, the connections he makes between his experiences and the curriculum are often on target and deeper in understanding. Joney is always willing to complete tasks with a smile, encourages others, and seeks ways to make the learning experience better for his peers. He asks people about their feelings, about their needs, and he truly listens.

Joney Htoo is a student who observes others in his environment with a lens of a peacemaker, and teammate. He works to find strengths in people around him. He's unfailingly kind to peers. Joney encourages others to be their best and uses great self-talk as he works through something hard. Joney connects empathy and knowledge of the world his experiences through books and real life to help the world around him. He is energetic and enjoys a daily moto for doing his best each day.

Another reason he's so enjoyable to be around is he has a fun sense of humor. He sets admirable examples of how to handle various situations in a school environment. It shows in his interactions that he's put what he's learned throughout his elementary years into positive action!

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