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2022 Inspire Award Winners


Andrias Salo

Lakeview Elementary 
5th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Susan Hershberger

Andrias is always eager to share his bright ideas with the class. He is a positive leader at Lakeview. In his classroom, he makes good choices without having to be reminded. Andrias always has a smile and kind words ready to greet everyone. He enjoys helping his group members with their questions and makes sure that they stay on track with what is happening in the classroom. When it is recess time, he is competitive but never gets carried away with it to the point where he is negative to other students. We are very proud to have him at Lakeview. 5th Grade has a "Question of the Day" in which all the students have time to fill out every single day and we quickly share everyone's answers out loud for the class to hear at the end of the day. One day the question was "If you were a teacher, what would a normal day in your class look like?" Andrias had a long answer full of things he would organize and do throughout the day. Andrias is well on his way to becoming a leader in anything that he chooses to do in life.

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