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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Micah Quirie

Lincoln Northeast High School
10th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Keri Applebee

I first met Micah a year ago as a freshman in the pottery class I teach. Initially I was concerned. I wasn't sure he would do well and worried he might struggle to keep up. He appeared quiet and shy, I feared he may not ask for help. Halfway through his first project it was apparent I had completely underestimated him. Micah's work was the best in the class and created using only his one fully formed arm and hand.

He quickly became an inspiration to myself and others in the class. His work left upperclassmen in astonishment. Projects became increasingly more difficult and he continued to excel. He went on to win a Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Awards for a teapot he made in class.

Micah isn't quiet and shy, he has a quiet strength that confident pragmatic leaders obtain. He enrolls for the most difficult classes offered and excels in each one. He is an inspiration for many and kind to all.

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