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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Graidys Hernandez Mijangos

Belmont Elementary 
5th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Kim Rosenthal

Graidys is a leader in life - not just the classroom - in action and in word. She maturely looks beyond herself naturally to serve others academically and emotionally. She takes the time to sincerely make each day better for others blessed to be around her, whether it be a note left on a desk, an inspirational saying included on her homework turned in or emails to uplift others or just truly listening to others. Graidys uses feedback to grow and focus on the quality of her learning and work. Her future goals include designing and building structures in Africa to help conquer world hunger. Graidys already addresses this through work in the community and her church. Graidys embraces each opportunity to learn with an open heart and mind. She respects her peers and what makes them each who they are. She also takes pride in being who she is - the best version of herself - and doesn't feel the need to give into peer pressure. In fact, she tries all she can to impact others in a positive way by celebrating who they are too. Graidys makes the most of the moments she's in but also knows the choices she makes influences her future. Graidys gives us all hope in that future and she finds the beauty and good - even in challenging days like these. Graidys is a difference maker in this world who inspires all.

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