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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Caitlin Nelepovitz

Arts & Humanities Focus Program
12th Grade
Nominated By: Principal James Blake

Caitlin advocated strongly for the yearbook. She contacted the principal over the summer to ensure there was a yearbook, because it was important to Caitlin on behalf of the school to have this memory. She also contributes to the parent booster club by attending every meeting and sharing her thoughts. 

Caitlin puts maximum effort into all that she does because she loves to learn. For her, an assignment is an opportunity to challenge herself and gain new knowledge. She has a growth mindset and understands that she is always capable of improving.

As a full time Zoom student this year, Caitlin has actively participated in all classes she takes and has given thoughtful feedback to her peers (and teachers) that is so appreciated by all. Students really recognize the time she takes to respond to their work and ideas. Having to contend with the extra obstacle of doing this from home, it is impressive to see how much she brings to A&H.

Caitlin is a quiet student, so she is never the loudest voice. When she contributes to classroom dialogue, what she has to share is always thoughtful and articulate, and directs the conversation to deeper levels. She is soft spoken, which is an attribute because it prompts other students to listen more closely.

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