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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Alisa Hurlburt

Cavett Elementary
5th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Jeff Vercellino

I have been extremely impressed from the first day of school when I met Alisa. She is a student who exudes the highest quality of learner skills and social skills in all ways. Alisa is a true model of what hard work, never giving up on a challenge, and always bringing a positive - glass half full - attitude to every situation can do for one's success in anything. Alisa pulls together all of these learner and social skills in a way that demonstrates a quality of selfless leadership. While always striving for her best in everything she does in the classroom, Alisa's intentions are always for putting the betterment of the class, or small group, or partnership, above her own needs, desires, or recognition. Alisa will always put others before herself, and yet she will consistently participate actively in all endeavors of learning in a way that signals her empathy for others. She is truly one of the most humble students I have ever taught in all my years in the classroom. I am lucky to have Alisa as part of our class. Alisa is a high performer in our Cavett Strings group, as she shows her ability to juggle academics and out of class activities flawlessly. Despite possibly being seen as a bit reserved, Alisa is also quite the actress when performing skits connected to Health class and Second Steps social skills development. She gives it her all, and it is amazing. 

Alisa is also very proud and confident in who she is. Alisa is part Japanese, and her knowledge of her background is on full display in classroom discussions and activities that lend themselves to such areas of dialogue and exploration. Another tidbit is that Alisa truly, truly LOVES to be in school, and she LOVES to learn. On the humorous side, she will often give a small first pump "yes" to herself when both sides of a math homework assignment are given! (Hahaha). Alisa would be an excellent representative of Cavett Elementary's Inspire Award, and would be a top-notch example of how to be a success in, not only school, but in life, with her always positive attitude and effort day in and day out.

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