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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Molly Barnett

Brownell Elementary
Instructional Coach
Nominated By: Principal Kelly Apel

Molly Barnett is relentless in her efforts to serve staff, students and our families. She is always willing to help problem solve and goes above and beyond to find resources to help staff grow, learn and be the best version of themselves. I think one of our new staff members put it best when she said, "When I started here with only nine days until school started, Molly made sure she was that friendly face I would recognize quickly. It was Molly's first year in her new position of instructional coach that same year, so it would have been very easy for her to focus on herself. Instead, she made sure the five new staff members had what they needed to be successful in their new teaching positions. Each month Molly designed and led training that kept us on target for what was ahead. I would not have made it through my first year without Molly. She always made me feel like I was the most important, and she had plenty of time to help me. She has gone out of her way to go on school visits with me, help me develop technology, help me set up technology, help me learn technology, make learning materials for my classroom, teach students, teach teachers and most importantly laugh along with me at all of my attempts." Another new staff member added, "When I think about what I appreciate most about Molly, I think about how resilient she is and how she inspires me to be resilient. She never strays from a challenge and when havoc breaks loose, Molly is always there for support, guidance, and as a kind friend. Thank you, Molly, for embodying Buffalo STRONG."

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