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2024 Recipients

Elias Harvey

Calvert Elementary
5th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Jeffrey Brehm

Calvert, the 5th grade team, and Mrs. Kraft would like to nominate Elias Harvey for the Inspire Student Award.  At open house, I knew Elias was going to be a special student. From the first time we met, some things that stood out to me were Elias' kind heart, ability to hold a lengthy and meaningful conversation with someone he has never met before, and his thirst for knowledge. 

Elias genuinely cares about his peers and adults. He works to connect with everyone he encounters and wants to know more about their lives.  Elias gets along with anyone that he works with by being flexible and willing to listen to others' perspectives. He is quick to lend a helping hand whether that be by helping someone pick up their belongings that dropped or helping with an academic task.

Elias can be seen not only following expectations, but going above and beyond in all areas of the school. Multiple times a day, Elias is going out of his way to pick up our classroom, push in chairs, tidy our class library, pick up coats in the hallway, and so many other things.  He doesn't do these things because he wants rewards. He doesn't do these things because he wants the recognition. He does these things because he wants to be helpful and knows it is the right thing to do. When those around him are not following the expectation, he is not only following the expectation, but also giving silent, respectful reminders to those around him.  You can count on Elias to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

His dedication to his learning can be evidently seen at all times of the day. He works hard to perfect his ideas, constantly making refinements to his thinking.  He poses questions that show he is thinking deeply about the topic at hand. Elias looks for anomalies and wants the why behind them. He is curious about the world around him.

We know that Elias is destined to do great things in his life.  We are so excited to see all that he accomplishes and to be able to say, "we taught him!"  We hope that Elias forever keeps his kind heart and curiosity in life. 

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