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2024 Recipients

Kenna Grove

The Career Academy
English Teacher / Department Chair
Nominated By: Building Coordinator Jocelyn Crabtree

Kenna Grove has been an amazing asset to The Career Academy. She goes above and beyond for both her students and our staff. Kenna took on the role of English Department chair this year and is also our SIP co-chair. She has also helped organize our Capstone experience for seniors by working diligently to connect students with business partners. Students had the following things to say about Ms. Grove:

"She is a very helpful and empathetic teacher who is always quick to give assistance and advice when needed."

"Ms. Grove is very willing to help any students in need, whether they are hers or not. Any day after school you can ask her for help and she is willing. I think that we need more teachers in LPS, and in schools in general, like her."

"Ms. Grove showed an overwhelming amount of support and appreciation for all of her students. I would look forward to having her class all week as it was entertaining and I never felt uncomfortable. She made a good environment in the classroom by communicating her expectations with us and always being available for us. There were countless opportunities for someone to come in for help even if that meant her sacrificing her time after school. She was able to make someone's day by making jokes in class and telling us stories. She also gave good advice and tips to students which was very helpful."

"I had Ms. Grove for English class last year and she made it so much more interesting and enjoyable. I loved having her as a teacher because she was very patient, kind, and helpful. Now, when I see her around TCA she always stops me to ask 'how are you' or 'have an amazing day' or 'how are your classes going?'"

"Ms. Grove is super supportive all the time and I feel like she understands all of her students. We need more teachers like her here and everywhere."

"Ms. Grove goes above and beyond when helping students. She always puts her students before herself and will sacrifice her time to help those in her classes. She's also made it very clear that we're always welcome to come to her for support, academic or not. She's insanely kind and continuously motivates her students each and every day."

Kenna Grove embodies what we strive to have in educators. She is kind, compassionate, and the person we all hope our children have as a teacher.

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