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Educator Awards

2023 Recipients

Nikki Janssen

Nikki Janssen

Myrtle Clark Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award

About the Award: This award recognizes an outstanding LPS mathematics educator.

Awarded Amount: $1,000

Nominated By: Miranda Orellana, coworker


What professional growth opportunities is the nominee currently involved in and what would the nominee like to pursue in the future?

Nikki is currently serving as the Math Curriculum Contact for Riley Elementary. She serves Kindergarten 5th grade students in her role as math interventionist. She has always wanted to attend one of NCTM's annual meetings to be able to learn from, collaborate with, and share mathematical knowledge and inspiration. Nikki would also LOVE to have some sort of involvement in the piloting and rollout/implementation of the future new math curriculum.


State how this award will enable the nominee to achieve fulfillment of their professional goals and future pursuits.

Considered the “Superbowl event of the year,” NCTM Annual Meetings bring together thousands of mathematics educators from all over the world to collaborate, network, learn, inspire, and much more. With over hundreds of education sessions to choose from and attend, participants always walk away with more knowledge and inspiration to implement into their classrooms and communities. This year's annual meeting will be held in Washington D.C. from October 2528. Nikki has always wanted to participate in one of these events and this award would provide that opportunity for her by helping to pay for travel, lodging, and registration. The knowledge that Nikki would gain from the sessions will be able to be brought back and put directly to work within her own intervention classroom as well as throughout the building in regular education classrooms as well.

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