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Lincoln Southeast

Lincoln Southeast Alumni

Current LSE Stats

Enrollment: 2,001

Staff Members: 201

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LSE Pay It Forward

Help Southeast students "Pay It Forward" below. Students work to help their community and become leaders through this annual LSE-sponsored community service initiative.

LSE History

The culture of Lincoln Southeast High School is created by staff commitment to academic success for all students. The administration and faculty recognize the value and importance of creating a community of learners who will assume leadership roles now and in the future. They are committed to high achievement with an emphasis on the importance of parental support.

Lincoln Southeast High School was built in 1955, at a time when only 1,200 students were enrolled in this “neighborhood” school. Just as communities are changing, Southeast mirrors those emerging issues facing our city, state, and country. Larger enrollment and changing demographics are continuing to be reflected in their student population. They continue their tradition of excellence in academic and extracurricular activities. They are proud of their past accomplishments and look forward to their future endeavors.

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools has helped raise money for programs at Southeast that go beyond what tax dollars support, programs that enrich students’ learning and enhance the curriculum. In 2009, the Southeast auditorium was renovated and renamed the Jennifer L. Dorsey-Howley Performing Arts Center. The renovation was funded by the 2006 LPS bond and donations to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.

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