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Student Homeless Fund

David loved third grade. Things were really looking up. His dad had just started a new job, and he was so happy.

That meant he and his brother and dad could find a place to live. They could stop spending nights in the car or

staying at the shelter. He couldn’t wait to sleep in his very own bed! He wouldn’t even have to worry about losing

his favorite stuffed animal—an elephant named George. David even told his principal at school how excited he

was! But when his dad tried to find a place to rent, they didn’t have enough for the deposit and first month’s rent.

Luckily, his principal knew just what to do. Working with the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, they were

able to get the money they needed to move into their new apartment. Sometimes, just that little bit of help can

make a big difference.


Within Lincoln Public Schools, 46% of students live at or near the poverty line. Often, students face challenges

outside the classroom—like hunger, worry or lack of a coat during cold winters. With these other concerns on

their mind, kids can find it difficult to concentrate and be ready to learn. 


Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools is able to provide

extra help to students through the Inspiring Dreams Fund. When kids feel safe and fed, they are ready to reach

their full potential—and we all benefit from thriving kids. 

(names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved)

Consider adding your support with a gift to the Inspiring Dreams Fund, and you can help lift

all students higher.

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