Science Enhancement Fund

The Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund is a resource for students and educators seeking funding for hands-on research projects. Students learn the scientific process through experiments, and explore the world around them through science!


Family Literacy

Family Literacy aims to help students and parents of all cultures learn imporant English language literacy skills. Last year, the program helped 120 students and 120 parents learn these skills, and 97% of participants thought that the program had made a significant difference! In addition to language skills, the Family Literacy program helps parents understand the importance of supporting their children's education.



Student Emergency Needs

It's hard to learn math when you are hungry, cold or scared. Help us make sure all students are fed, warm and safe, so they can come to school ready to learn. Our Students in Need funds help families and students when emergency needs arise. We help close the gap, like making sure there is a warm coat to wear, something to eat, and the electricity is still on. Many students need your support. Please consider a donation to the Student Emergency Fund.





Art & Literature

Schoo Middle School

Your gift will help to engage students in literature and reading strategies through art. Approximately 63 middle school students in reading classes will draw and paint to create projects that demonstrate their understanding of what they are reading. This project will supply materials for several classes of students to create two visual arts projects to deepen their understanding of literature.
The first project will let students create oil pastel portraits of characters' feelings feelings, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, etc. Students will create a design using quotes from the text overlaid with a portrait of the character.
The second project will give students the chance to reflect on all of the books they’ve read this year and choose ones they would like to recommend to peers. They will then create a visual art project of a bookshelf. Book titles and important symbols from each book will be carefully arranged on each shelf. Each "shelf" will fit together to create a large mural.

  • Kristen Heiser

    Kristen Heiser

    Language Arts and Reading Teacher

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Running Club

Hartley Elementary School

We sponsor a Running Club for Hartley students every spring to prepare students for making healthy summer activity choices. We work with a screen-printing company to make T-shirts for the students who participate. Students get to pick the color of their shirt and they are excited to receive the shirts that support school spirit and team unity. The bright colored shirts make it much easier for them to be seen and noticed around the halls of Hartley.

Since many of our families struggle financially, we only ask them to pay for a portion of the shirt. Your gifts will help cover the additional cost of the shirt beyond what our families are able to pay.

  • Amy Francis

    Amy Francis

    Fourth grade teacher

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Solar Eclipse

Goodrich Middle School

This year, on August 21, there will be a total solar eclipse that occurs over Lincoln. The next time we will be able to see a total solar eclipse here is 2023. Since this eclipse will occur on a Sunday, we would like to purchase solar eclipse glasses for our students to safely see the eclipse with their families.

One of the eighth grade science standards is to understand lunar and solar eclipses. Having access to the glasses will allow students to experience the eclipse safely with their families, creating a family learning experience that will benefit current students, their parents, and their siblings. Students in the sixth and seventh grades will also have lessons about the eclipse so that when the are in eighth grade they will have had an experience with eclipses. Currently, we have 780 students who will be involved -- 78 percent of whom are part of our free and reduced lunch program and the experience might not be possible if we don't provide the structure and equipment.

  • Jodie Jantz

    Jodie Jantz

    Science teacher

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Spotlight On


The Career Academy (TCA) is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. LPS students can explore their specific interest in any one of 16 different career pathways. Click here to learn more and donate.