Solar Eclipse Glasses for All!

Students of all ages in Lincoln Public Schools will have a once in a lifetime opportunity on August 21, 2017, to view a total solar eclipse. The event will start as the moon begins blocking out the sun around 11:00 a.m. A complete shadow, or totality, will occur around 1:00 p.m. giving students at all LPS schools a front row seat on this astrological event just by walking outside the door.




Family Literacy

Family Literacy aims to help students and parents of all cultures learn imporant English language literacy skills. Last year, the program helped 120 students and 120 parents learn these skills, and 97% of participants thought that the program had made a significant difference! In addition to language skills, the Family Literacy program helps parents understand the importance of supporting their children's education.



Student Emergency Needs

It's hard to learn math when you are hungry, cold or scared. Help us make sure all students are fed, warm and safe, so they can come to school ready to learn. Our Students in Need funds help families and students when emergency needs arise. We help close the gap, like making sure there is a warm coat to wear, something to eat, and the electricity is still on. Many students need your support. Please consider a donation to the Student Emergency Fund.





Excellence Project

Lincoln High School

This is a project of self-representation through photography and writing that challenges the biases students encounter every day, giving voice to underrepresented communities through students’ identification of strengths, creative writing and visual narratives.

As a teacher at Lincoln High School, I am inspired by students’ stories of endurance, courage, compassion, and optimism. The Excellence Project is an inclusive and collaborative project exploring personal strengths through writing and art. Your gifts will help this project receive local and international attention on a large scale.

Written biographies with photographic portraits will be exhibited to a vast audience by Inside Out, an international participatory art project. Photography and creative writing students will also edit a book to showcase the 50 portraits of excellence, the sculpture installations, individual student photography and written stories. This work will also be displayed in Nonprofit Hub’s exhibition space for a First Friday art reception.

  • Yvonne Meyer

    Yvonne Meyer

    Art teacher

We have raised $110.00 of our goal.


Riser for Music

Zeman Elementary School

Zeman Elementary is very fortunate to have four Flip Form risers for music class. With our ever-growing population, a fifth riser would be very beneficial to the learning environment. Not all of our students can fit in a single setting, so a fifth riser would improve the seating conditions immensely. Please consider donating!

  • Megan O'Brien

    Megan O'Brien

    Zeman music teacher

We have raised $0.00 of our goal.



Cooking Club

Schoo Middle School

Schoo Middle School has, for the first time, a cooking and baking club available to students! Your generous donations will help ensure the ultimate goal of our brand new club: To teach our students the importance of meal planning, cooking, and baking, and prepare them for a life of independence. Our school is nearly 50% free and reduced lunch, and even more participate with the Food Market once a month where they have the opportunity to get and take home, donated food.

Over the last four years, there has been an overwhelming number of students who have routinely asked if there is such a club available. The talented family and consumer science teacher, Kayla Yost, and myself have a passion for cooking and baking, and want to share that with the large number of students who share our interest. Our club currently has more than 50 members. All will have a chance to participate, but our funds will quickly be depleted. Your help will ensure our students learn an invaluable life skill that is increasingly becoming nonexistent with our youth. You will help our students work toward independence, and share their skills with younger siblings. They will bond with other students and build relationships within the community. This club will offer a goal for students to work toward, and increase their motivation to learn and become better students.

  • Kelly Stepp

    Kelly Stepp

    6th grade teacher

We have raised $60.00 of our goal.


Spotlight On


The Career Academy (TCA) is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. LPS students can explore their specific interest in any one of 16 different career pathways. Click here to learn more and donate.