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2022 Inspire Award Winners


Jude Hannasch

Maxey Elementary 
5th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Suzanne Reimers

A few adjectives pop into my mind when I think about how Jude Hannasch is inspiring to others. The first is caring. I have witnessed numerous occasions in which Jude cheers for others, hoping that they achieve and are celebrated. I have read that great leaders give others credit when things go well and bare responsibility when it doesn’t- this is Jude! He has mediated situations in which there has been a conflict and he has resolved it so that both sides win. I also know that he is a great big brother to his siblings.

The next adjectives that come to mind are positivity and persistence. Even if something is difficult Jude keeps a positive attitude. He works hard in school and keeps a smile on his face. No obstacle is too much for Jude to overcome.

Due to these characteristics Jude is very inspiring to me and others.

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