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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Alina Onishchuk

Goodrich Middle School
8th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Kelly Schrad

I would like to nominate Alina Onishchuk for a student Inspire Award. One of the qualities I have noticed in Alina is her ability to be a good listener. As an English language learner, Alina has to work harder at listening than most other students because of the challenge of understanding English. Her hard work in this area is evident because she willingly volunteers during discussions. She is always ready to answer questions and communicate her ideas.

Alina is also a goal-oriented student. She is concerned about her grades and frequently asks how she can advance through the ELL levels. She shows respect for adults and her peers in the classroom by complying with school rules. She acts as a role model for her peers by following directions and staying engaged with lessons. Whenever she sees my need for assistance in class, such as passing out books or other supplies, she volunteers before I even have a chance to ask for help.

Through conversations with Alina, I can tell she is a good helper at home, too. She has mentioned that she helps to take care of her younger siblings and also likes to cook family meals with her mother.

I feel Alina deserves an Inspire award because of the behaviors she demonstrates every day.

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