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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Trinity Allen

Don D. Sherrill Education Center Elementary School
Nominated By: Principal Cindy Vodicka

Trinity has been supporting students through interventions and coordinating schedules when students move to partial day status. Trinity takes on a lot and balances a difficult schedule to meet students' needs. She is always looking for feedback to improve her understanding of a student or to learn about interventions. Trinity builds great relationships with students, has a calm approach and can establish limits based upon her presence. She is patient and so supportive of students when they get frustrated with their academics. She's also always willing to lend a hand if asked and is always willing to jump in to cover a class, help with a morning routine, or help with GGI. She is so positive, always has a smile on her face, and is excited about each day. The energy she brings to the building is catchy. Students get excited about the growth they are making in interventions due to Trinity noticing and supporting each improvement they make. Trinity is always willing to add students into her busy schedule and do whatever they need to experience success.

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