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2021 Inspire Award Winners

Amy Proffitt

Science Focus Program
Executive Secretary
Nominated By: Principal James Blake

As executive secretary, Amy is the face of Science Focus Program. As a new principal getting to know the school and school culture in my first year, my job was made so much easier because of Amy’s deep knowledge and passion for SFP staff, students, and families. A few examples of how Amy has made special contributions to the school and school community: *History and Culture guru: Within three short years of being at SFP herself, Amy could tell me the gist of any activity in the school. This was especially important when our normal school operations were disrupted by COVID and the principal (me) is expected to speak for the school. For example, she was able to walk me through what student “portfolios” were - something we could not do in a normal way this year. *Amy’s weekly newsletter is impeccable. Parents love seeing their students featured through special interest articles she writes. I have had requests from other LPS professionals for a copy of our newsletter to keep tabs on activities at SFP. She has a great gift in this area and we are lucky she shares it with us. *Amy reads great dad jokes during school announcements. A few examples of when Amy went above the call of duty to provide opportunities for her students: *Amy has stayed after hours to give overviews to students and parents of SFP. She has led orientation for incoming students and is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and welcoming - which leads to a successful transition into the program. *Amy knows what all of our students are up to. She takes great joy in following their progress from freshman to senior year, and reflects often on how much they gained - always to the positive. *Amy is quick to carry out other ‘hats” as assigned - such as calmly bandaging up an Independence Academy student’s finger who had a severe injury that needed stitches. Because of her calm demeanor, the student did not panic and everything was fine. A few examples of when Amy showed initiative, or positive and inspirational leadership? *By being the face of SFP, she is the first to talk with the public. Her positive style never leaves a phone call on a bad note. I get to enjoy overhearing these calls in our small office and it always leaves me with a smile on my face. *Amy attends each staff meeting and as roles rotate, she always tends to her role as equals with teaching staff. This may be organizing and pacing the agenda. She creates positive interdependence in staff. *Amy advocates for needs when necessary, but does so in a positive manner and always with a laugh.

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