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2024 Recipients

Tiana Price

Lincoln North Star
12th Grade
Nominated By: Teacher Amanda Musiel

Tiana is a selfless, well rounded, diligent leader who excels in the classroom. These qualities are rare for a teenager to possess and separates Tiana Price from many of her peers.

The biggest reason I believe Ms. Price is the best candidate for this award is how selfless and well rounded she is with her time. Tiana is not only a multi-sport student athlete, she has volunteered to help run concession stands whenever needed, and also is an activist within our community. She is a member of several programs and clubs including Equity Advisory, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and is a student ambassador at North Star.  Tiana also works outside of school at Wrangler Babies Child Care. Tiana does all this while excelling in the classroom showing that she can manage her time very well.

Tiana is also a diligent leader. I have been able to witness this first hand while teaching her in Unified PE. Unified PE is a physical education class that combines our general education population and special education population. In Unified PE students in general education are called peers, while students in special education are called athletes. Together, students work together and complete different activities and skills. Tiana is a wonderful peer to have in class because she is warm and friendly to all. She is constantly differentiating activities so her partner, who is wheelchair bound, has the opportunity to be the most successful. Her ability to creatively adapt lessons is impressive. She is flexible in the sense that if she notices something is not working well, she will change what she is doing on the fly. Tiana is my go-to partner when it comes to working with any of the athletes in class. She gets to know each of the athletes individually and tailors what she is doing that best suits the individual.  She also provides other partners with feedback of what they can improve when it comes to working with other athletes. Tiana not only leads by example, but she is also a vocal leader. She is always there to keep everyone on task and will delegate responsibilities to those around her.  

Tiana is an outstanding student, a dedicated team captain, and a productive member of our community. Something that really impresses me is she is also well rounded socially. I've watched her interact with people from all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and countries. She is respected and liked by teachers, administrators, students, and everyone in between.

Tiana Price is a great candidate to receive the Inspire Aware because she is a well rounded, diligent leader. She has strong social skills and has shown a willingness to give back. These qualities make Tiana a great student, an awesome peer, and a wonderful young woman.  

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