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2024 Recipients

Sapphire Guzman

The Career Academy
12th Grade
Nominated By: Coordinator Jocelyn Crabtree

Sapphire embodies every ounce of our culture as a school, and she lives up to our "unofficial" building motto: "Today matters for tomorrow's success." Every day, Sapphire comes to TCA with an eagerness not only to learn and improve her own skills but also to share her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues. She supports her peers by giving them feedback and encouragement while also continuously seeking new ways to stretch her own learning.

In addition, Sapphire has been a proactive student outside of the classroom through her engagement with TCA Student Ambassadors, FFA, and Skills USA. She has dedicated a significant number of hours beyond the school day to represent and support TCA, which I've never experienced her complain about once. In fact, Sapphire has consistently jumped at every chance to represent our school, and she always shares her passion for learning at TCA to those who interact with her.

Sapphire is one of the most spectacular individuals we have been around. She is a leader of leaders. She is a servant to all and is someone who strives to learn for the sake of learning.

We cannot stress enough the level of pure joy it brings us as educators to witness her growth in leadership over the past two years, and we are eager to see all the remarkable accomplishments ahead for Sapphire. In our opinion, Sapphire is an exceptional candidate for the Inspire Award and deserves such recognition for her contributions to our school.

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