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2024 Recipients

Laney Songster

Lincoln Northeast
12th Grade
Nominated By: Principal Keri Applebee

Laney Songster and Trevor Vocasek were nominated jointly by their Principal Keri Applebee. 

Laney Songster and Trevor Vocasek are two of the most phenomenal young adults with whom I've had the pleasure to work. They are both excellent students! They are both excellent athletes! However, their random Act of Kindness is perhaps how they will most be remembered.

Laney and Trevor were nominated by their peers and "won" the vote to represent the Senior Class as Homecoming Royalty. However, the two of them put their heads together and decided they wanted two of their special needs classmates, who had also been nominated, to be the winners and represent the Senior Class as Homecoming Royalty instead of them. They wanted this to be a surprise and since the voting was done by secret ballot they were confident their plan would fall into place.

Laney and Trevor informed the Adult Homecoming Sponsor of their plan who informed Admin. From there the Sponsor helped communicate with the parents of Laney and Trevor's peers' parents. Their parents were elated, to say the very least. The Homecoming coronation was a huge hit! The "winners," Laney and Trevor's special needs classmates, were so very excited to have been chosen to represent the Senior class as Homecoming Royalty. Laney and Trevor "crowned" their classmates and the ceremony was capped off with a picture of the 4 of them. It was a perfect ending to a most wonderful Act of Kindness.

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