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2024 Recipients

Chelcey Mannel

Hartley Elementary
Music Teacher 
Nominated By: Principal Rob Rickert 

It seems that Chelcey wakes up and thinks, "How can impact the whole community of Hartley today?" She created adaptive music opportunities for special education students that otherwise would not be able to participate. This led to other teachers doing the same, so now there are multiple opportunities for special education students to participate in specials that are appropriate for them. Chelcey has worked to get grants to fund new instruments for all students at Hartley to use.

Another thing that stands out is her spearheading the efforts to get the Nutcracker to come and do a week-long residency at Hartley. Every student was able to have unforgettable experiences because of her efforts. The thing that stands out most to me personally is the effort that goes unseen by most of her colleagues. She spends time each day working in the student support center to help students with big needs who show those needs in challenging ways. The grace with which she approaches those students and their needs is something that should be celebrated. She is patient, kind, empathetic, and loving, but all of that is wrapped in high expectations that seem to say, "I believe in you." We are fortunate that Chelcey cares so deeply and believes so much in our students. Hartley is a better place because she is there.  

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