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Honor Roll Society


Meet the champions of high-quality educational opportunities for all of Lincoln's kids.

Nikki Archer  |  Pamela Baker  |  Patrick and Ellen Beans  |  Bryant and Stephanie Bone  |  Randall and Jan Bretz  |  Mary and Roger Bruning  | Eric Buchanan. |  Robert and Billie Bussmann  |  Mary Campbell  |  Richard and Ginna Claussen  |  Susan and Adam Crotteau  |  Nick and Ann Cusick  |  John and Susan Dittman  |  Jill and Donald Everett  |  Patti Harney and Jim Gregoline  |  Adam and Heidi Hayes  |  Sabrina Hellbusch and Ted Reinwald  |  Barbara J. Jacobson  |  Valerie and Will Jones  |  Andy and Katie Kafka  |  Lillie and Max Larsen  |  Andrew and Anne Loudon  |  Jenna Ferris-McGhee and Ferrell McGhee  |  Allison and TJ McGinn  |  Austin McKillip  |  Britta and Jacob Muhleisen  |  Nia and Luke Nielsen  |  James and Takako Olson  |  Lisa and Robert Rauner  |  Judy and William Roper  |  Curtis and Megan Ruwe  |  Susan and David Shamblin  |  Jessica and Trent Sidders  |  Piyush and Aradhna Srivastav  |. Diane and Nick Steinke  |  Tawnya Starr and Jay Wilkinson  |  Carrie and Layne Sup  |  Kathy and Arlyn Uhrmacher  |  Natalia Wiita  |  Jeffery Yost and Cindy Ryman Yost 


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Read the stories and view the stats of how our work is making a difference.

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