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Honor Roll Society


Meet the champions of high-quality educational opportunities for all of Lincoln's kids.

Karen Amen and Jim Goeke, Member Since: 2021
Blake and Emmy Anderson, Member Since: 2020
Gloria Aron, Member Since: 2021
Kay and Lyle Ashelford, Member Since: 2021
Mark and Jackie Bacon, Member Since: 2020
Scott Baird and Leirion Gaylor Baird, Member Since: 2021
Christi and John Ball, Member Since: 2021
Marcia Barkley, Member Since:2021
Bob and Barbara Bartle, Member Since: 2020
Jo and Neil Bateman, Member Since: 2020
Richard and JoJen Batten, Member Since: 2021
Patrick and Ellen Beans, Member Since: 2018
Travis Berry, Member Since: 2020
Randall and Jan Bretz, Member Since: 2019
Ruth and Eric Brown, Member Since: 2021
Mary and Roger Bruning, Member Since: 2019
Laurie Brunner, Member Since: 2020
Eric Buchanan, Member Since: 2019
Bill and Barbara Bucher, Member Since: 2021
Mindy and Mason Burbach, Member Since: 2020
Judith Bush, Member Since: 2021
Bob and Billie Bussmann, Member Since: 2018
Shelby and Jason Byler, Member Since: 2021
Mary and Doug Campbell, Member Since: 2019
Jennifer Carver, Member Since: 2021
Tom and Mary Jo Cherry, Member Since: 2020
Derek Chollet, Member Since: 2020
Thomas and Brenda Christie, Member Since: 2020
William and Marilyn Cintani, Member Since: 2020
Debra and Sandra Cirksena, Member Since: 2021
Pat and Linda Clare, Member Since: 2020
Kristen and Geoffrey Cline, Member Since: 2020
Richard and Gloria Colerick, Member Since: 2021
John and Nancy Comer, Member Since: 2021
Brent Comstock, Member Since: 2020
Chris and Charlie Cooper, Member Since: 2020
Marcia Corr, Member Since: 2020
Joan Creger, Member Since: 2021
Susan and Adam Crotteau, Member Since: 2021
Terri and Lawrence Day, Member Since: 2021
Kathy and Harold DeVries, Member Since: 2020
Alice Dittman, Member Since: 2020
Candace and Patrick Dussault, Member Since: 2020
Megan Elliott, Member Since: 2020
Katherine and Richard Endacott, Member Since: 2021
Jill and Donald Everett, Member Since: 2021
Donna and Bob Ewoldt, Member Since: 2021
Robert and Carlene Falos, Member Since: 2020
Laura and Michael Fowles, Member Since: 2021
Barbara and Chuck Francis, Member Since: 2021
Russ and Shari Freeman, Member Since: 2020
Nancy Fuchs and Phil Schoo, Member Since: 2020
Bryce and Morgan Gerteisen, Member Since: 2020
Leslie Gibbens and Brian Hefner, Member Since: 2018
Janet and Robin Goracke, Member Since: 2020
Sara and John Gran, Member Since: 2020
Kay and Regy Green, Member Since: 2019
Judy and Jeff Greenwald, Member Since: 2018
Jessica Greenwald, Member Since: 2020
Noah Greenwald and Jessica Greenwald, Member Since: 2021
Jon and Melanie Gross, Member Since: 2020
Christopher Gustafson, Member Since: 2021
Mick and Lisa Hale, Member Since: 2021
Phil Halloran, Member Since: 2020
Shannon Harner and Phil Goddard, Member Since: 2020
Patricia Harney, Member Since: 2019
Alicia Haugen, Member Since: 2021
Adam and Heidi Hayes, Member Since: 2019
Keith Heckman, Member Since: 2021
Chris and Julie Heinrich, Member Since: 2021
Mark and Kathi Hesser, Member Since: 2021
Gail and Brian Hinkley, Member Since: 2020
Dan and Elizabeth Hiser, Member Since: 2020
Bruce and Lynda Hocking, Member Since: 2021
Peter Hove, Member Since: 2021
Sis Hove, Member Since: 2021
Pat and Rae Hunter-Pirtle, Member Since: 2020
Deanna and Mark Hutchins, Member Since: 2021
Barb Jacobson, Member Since: 2019
John and Nelle Jamison, Member Since: 2020
Ritoo and Anuj Jain, Member Since: 2021
Meg Johnson and Ron Svehla, Member Since: 2020
Paul and Terri Johnson, Member Since: 2021
Ashlea Jurgens-Woitzel, Member Since: 2021
Neil Jurinski, Member Since: 2020
Jeewan Jyot and Harkamal Walia, Member Since: 2020
Andy and Katie Kafka, Member Since: 2019

Susan Kaltenberger, Member Since: 2020
David and Ann Kaseman, Member Since: 2021
Matt Kirkland, Member Since: 2021
Jodi and Michael Kocher, Member Since: 2021
Steve and Judy Krueger, Member Since: 2020
Jan and Rich Labenz, Member Since: 2021
Jena Lambert, Member Since: 2020
Jim and Karla Leslie, Member Since: 2021
Linda and Bob Lichtenberg, Member Since: 2021
Anne and Andrew Loudon, Member Since: 2020
Margaret and John Lowery, Member Since: 2020
Sarah Lux and Rob Hanson, Member Since: 2020
Michelle Manning and Joseph Loudon, Member Since: 2021
Jim and Georgianne Mastera, Member Since: 2020
Carole Matthes, Member Since: 2020
Lois Mayo, Member Since: 2020
David and Valerie McCammon, Member Since: 2020
Ross and Lynn McCown, Member Since: 2021
Jeffery McDonald, Member Since: 2021
Austin and Jessica McKillip, Member Since: 2019
Amber and Jake Messersmith, Member Since: 2020
Gates and Daisy Minnick, Member Since: 2020
Kristi Montooth, Member Since: 2021
Britta and Jacob Muhleisen, Member Since: 2020
Radu Neamu, Member Since: 2021
Mary and Bob Nefsky, Member Since: 2020
Scott and Teri Nelson, Member Since: 2020
Ann and Kenneth Nickerson, Member Since: 2021
Nia and Luke Nielsen, Member Since: 2020
Sven Noe, Member Since: 2021
John and Jody Olsson, Member Since: 2020
Amy and Jay Ostermeyer, Member Since: 2020
Jackie Ostrowicki and Monte Olson, Member Since: 2020
Carolyn and Rob Otte, Member Since: 2021
Nancy Packard, Member Since: 2021
Tammy Peters, Member Since: 2020
Todd and Amy Peterson, Member Since: 2020
Marilyn Peterson, Member Since: 2021
Keith and Jan Prettyman, Member Since: 2021
Mary Kay Quinlan, Member Since: 2021
Rahul Razdan, Member Since: 2021
Arlene and Jim Rea, Member Since: 2020
Lloyd and Diana Roberts, Member Since: 2020
Doug and Kylee Roberts, Member Since: 2021
Kathleen Rutledge and Ted Kooser, Member Since: 2021
Curtis and Megan Ruwe, Member Since: 2019
Sandra and Todd Sachs, Member Since: 2021
Kristi and T.J. Schirmer, Member Since: 2020
David and Mary Schleich, Member Since: 2020
Steve and Carol Schmidt, Member Since: 2021
Cindy and Gregory Schwaninger, Member Since: 2021
William Scully, Member Since: 2021
Russ and Jaymie Sebek, Member Since: 2020
Jessica and Trent Sidders, Member Since: 2019
Alice Sittler, Member Since: 2021
Meghan Sittler, Member Since: 2021
Jessica and Trent Sidders, Member Since: 2019
David and Peg Slagle, Member Since: 2020
Clay and Beth Smith, Member Since: 2021
Bruce and Brenda Staats, Member Since: 2021
Don Stading, Member Since: 2021
Liz Standish, Member Since: 2020
Gayle and Mary Starr, Member Since: 2020
Karen Starr, Member Since: 2020
Nick and Diane Steinke, Member Since: 2020
Randall Sterns, Member Since: 2020
Shari and Rick Stock, Member Since: 2020
Heather Strait and Scott Lewandowski, Member Since: 2020
Jim Strasheim, Member Since: 2021
Lily Sughroue and John Fricke, Member Since: 2020
Carrie and Layne Sup, Member Since: 2019
Matt and Jessica Tebo, Member Since: 2020
Todd and Lisa Tessendorf, Member Since: 2021
Guy Trainin, Member Since: 2021
Jim Townsend, Member Since: 2020
Russ and Kim Uhing, Member Since: 2021
Shashikala and Prabha Unnithan, Member Since: 2020
Wendy Van DeLaCastro and Jon DeLaCastro, Member Since: 2020
Kevin and Boots Wailes, Member Since: 2020
Craig and Liz Wanamaker, Member Since: 2020
Eric and Carrie Weber, Member Since: 2020
Ann Weiss, Member Since: 2021
Don Wesely, Member Since: 2020
Mark and Chris Whitehead, Member Since: 2020
Barbara Whitehead, Member Since: 2021
Nancy and John Wiederspan, Member Since: 2021
Natalia Wiita, Member Since: 2019
Ross and Judy Wilcox, Member Since: 2021
Kelly and Greg Wiley, Member Since: 2021
Jack and Linda Wolfe, Member Since: 2020
Ginny Wood, Member Since: 2021
Hank and Cynthia Woods, Member Since 2021
Mike and Kathy Wortman, Member Since: 2020
Jeff and Cindy Yost, Member Since: 2019
Judith Zabel, Member Since: 2020
Christine and Arthur Zygielbaum, Member Since: 2021

*The Honor Roll Society is a designation recognizing individuals who have given an unrestricted gift of $250 or more in a year. If we for some reason missed your name please reach out to our team.


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