Students in Need

Donate to a Students in NeedĀ Fund

  • Bubba's Closet

    A fund sponsored in conjunction with elementary school principals that gives students in need winter coats, hats, gloves and mittens.

  • Calvert Student Help Fund

    Funding for student emergencies at Calvert Elementary.

  • Clinton Emergency Fund

    Funding for student emergencies at Clinton Elementary.

  • E. Susan Gourley Family Literacy Fund for LPS

    Supports emergency needs for Family Literacy families.

  • Homeless Student Fund

    Fund provides emergency assistance to families in need.

  • Huntington Emergency Fund

    Fund provides financial assistance for students in need at Huntington.

  • Jan Simonson Memorial ELL Fund-Endowed Fund

    Funds make it possible for ELL students to participate in community based experiences and support their needs.

  • Lakeview/Wolfe Emergency Fund

    Fund used for student emergencies at Lakeview.

  • LEH Student Assistance Fund

    Funds for school supplies and school activities for students in financial need.

  • LHS Class of 1951 - Andrew's Angels Fund

    Fund provides iPad support for students with autism.

  • Linda Nichols Sheridan Elementary

    Fund provides financial assistance for students in need at Sheridan Elementary School.

  • LPS Early Childhood Education Fund for Excellence

    From classroom supplies to diapers, formula, clothing and even birth certificates for families who can't afford them, this fund will support students and families in need with young children.

  • McPhee Student Help Fund

    Fund is for emergency needs for students

  • Park Student Emergency Fund

    Funds for student emergencies

  • Roper Good Neighbor Fund

    Funding to help Roper Elementary students, staff, and families with emergency needs.

  • School Lunch Fund

    Emergency fund to help students and families who are experiencing financial difficulty funding school meals .

  • Sitaram and Alice Jaswal Autism and LGBT Student Opportunity- Endowed Fund

    Fund split to support the needs of both children with autism, and LGBT students.

  • Student Emergency Fund

    Funding to help ensure that the most basic and immediate needs of students in need are met so they can better focus on learning.