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Bair Playground Grant

Bair Playground Grant

About the Grant

In 2007, Harley and Shirley Bair established the Bair Playground Grant to provide annual funds to update and renovate playgrounds at elementary schools in the LPS district. School playgrounds provide students with opportunities for physical and social development and build strong, safe neighborhoods. These funds are provided to upgrade, replace and repair playgrounds and equipment to increase students' experiences and to promote healthy children through exercise.

Applying for Funds

Application Open: October 2nd, 2023 - November 13th, 2023

Award Amount: $11,350

Criteria: Any LPS elementary school can apply for this annual grant by providing a description of the project, the benefits of the upgrade, and an outline of the budget.

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee, which includes a representative from physical education and facilities and maintenance as well as the Wellness Coordinator. All selections will require approval from the LPS Facilities and Maintenance Department. 



Applicant Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Project Information
Please upload your LPS Facilities & Maintenance-approved TMA form. This work request form, filed with Facilities Management by the school principal, is REQUIRED in order to apply for these funds.
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Community Engagement & Programming Information
1. Will these funds enhance accessibility for students with special needs? If, yes please explain how.
2. Describe your organization's current efforts to engage community members, including parents/caregivers, PTO/PTA, neighborhood, other organizations, businesses, etc. in your playground project.
3. Describe any new recreational and/or educational programming or activities you would like to create around the playground. Please include any anticipated programming with before and after school.
4. How does this proposed plan engage students who typically are less engaged in physical activity?
5. How will this enhancement support wellness programming and challenge participation in your school?
Financial Information
Upload your budget. Include anticipated funding sources.
No file selected
How much has been raised to date?
1. Briefly describe your current plan for which you would like to receive support funding?
2. Has your school raised funds for this project? If so, explain how.
3. From what organizations have you raised money? Please specify organizations asked, amount requested and amount received from each organization.

The Numbers

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