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A Heart for Philanthropy: Meet Logan

A Heart for Philanthropy: Meet Logan

Meet Logan Cowan, a determined student at Scott Middle School with a heart set on making a difference. Born in a small town in Nebraska, Logan’s upbringing instilled a profound love for all athletics. In fifth grade, a friend confided in him that he couldn’t participate in the upcoming soccer season due to his family’s inability to afford the $45 fee. Logan thought there had to be resources available to help get kids access to play sports.

Except, there wasn’t, so Logan decided to take matters into his own hands. Despite initial setbacks, Logan refused to be deterred. He sought to establish a scholarship for sporting equipment through his town, but when that plan faltered, he launched a successful fundraising campaign with his mother’s support on her Facebook account. However, challenges persisted when there wasn’t a guarantee that the funds would align with Logan’s vision for helping athletes.

Logan’s journey continued as he transferred Lincoln Public Schools. He shared his desire to support athletics at Scott Middle School with his new principal, Michael Gillotti. Recognizing Logan’s passion, Principal Gillotti proposed supporting Scott’s upcoming Unified PE Bowling field trip. (Unified PE allows students with and without disabilities to come together through activities.) His passion for fostering inclusive access to physical activities led him to generously support the trip, giving many students an unforgettable experience. Logan’s philanthropic journey is far from over. As he prepares for his freshman year at Lincoln Southwest High School, he is already planning to continue supporting LSW athletes. His commitment to philanthropy is balanced with a diverse range of interests. Alongside his tennis, bowling, and baseball athletic pursuits, Logan also expresses interest in band, orchestra, debate, and student council. His dedication to both his community and his personal growth is truly inspiring. 

When asked about his motivation to give back to the community, Logan credits his father, remarking, “My dad inspires me. He prioritizes making life easier for others, even if it means making his own harder.”

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