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The LPS Gary Reber Memorial Student Assistance Fund

At the heart of the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools was a man whose commitment to education knew no bounds. Gary Reber, a cherished colleague, left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of knowing him. Until his passing in January 2024, his journey was one of dedication, kindness, and a deeprooted passion for making a difference. 

Education was more than just a profession for Gary; it was a part of his DNA. Surrounded by educators in his family, his wife and daughter both educators at LPS, it was no surprise that Gary found his calling in supporting education. 

When Gary joined the Foundation in 2015, his impact was immediate and profound. His commitment to honoring relationships and leading with integrity made him a figure we all admired. Gary’s work was not just about securing donations but about forging lasting connections and ensuring every child had what they needed. His genuine care for donors and students alike was unparalleled, leaving a lasting imprint on the Foundation and the community. 

Stu Elliot, one of the many donors touched by Gary’s work, reminisced about their enduring relationship. “Gary’s humor and attentiveness transformed what could have been a simple transaction into a meaningful bond,” said Stu. Gary ensured donors understood their contributions’ profound and lasting impact on students’ lives. 

Gary’s dedication and passion shone through in every project he undertook, but it was in his work with music programs that his love for education indeed came alive. As a drummer himself, music held a special place in Gary’s heart. He collaborated with teachers like Lincoln High Instrumental Music Teacher Brett Noser to bring initiatives to life, demonstrating his commitment to enriching students’ lives through the power of music.

“Gary was a huge supporter of LPS and LPS Music. He helped countless teachers and departments get the materials to help students learn better. In the ten years I knew him, he was a wonderful person to talk to - a great man.” Brent Noser. 

But Gary’s influence extended far beyond his professional endeavors. He was more than a colleague; he was the ‘office dad,’ radiating warmth and generosity wherever he went. Whether teaching a colleague how to change the oil in a car or sharing a laugh with friends, Gary made everyone feel valued. His role as a devoted TeamMate mentor was a testament to his caring nature. He took great joy in watching his TeamMate, Trenton, navigate his way into adulthood. In 2018, his exceptional dedication was recognized when he was inducted into the TeamMates Hall of Fame.

Most importantly, Gary cherished his family and community. He loved exploring local eateries and and listening to live music, and he was a master in the kitchen. His role as a husband to Pam, father to Ellen and Will, and grandfather to Olive and Frances (Frankie) brought him immense pride and joy. He never missed an opportunity to share stories of his family.

The LPS Gary Reber Memorial Student Assistance Fund was established to celebrate Gary’s passion for education, students, and teachers. The fund will be used towards campaigns from the Foundation’s crowdfunding platform, Fund A Need to support LPS elementary students, and allocations will be chosen annually by the Reber family. Gary’s legacy will live on in the hearts of those he inspired and the countless students who benefited from his dedication.

You can donate to The LPS Gary Reber Memorial Student Assistance Fund here. Include Gary Reber Memorial Student Assistance Fund in the gift note.

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