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FEBRUARY MISSION MOMENT: Taking Big Burdens Off Small Shoulders

The Foundation's Student Emergency Fund has become a critical safety net for the LPS community. In just the last six months, $29,190 has been distributed in gas and grocery cards to 269 families in need.  

The Student Emergency Fund, established in 1999, addresses short-term and emergency needs to ensure all students have the best chance of getting to school ready to learn. School social workers identify these needs directly through their work with LPS families and send emergency assistance requests to the Foundation. 

Every school in the district has used the Student Emergency Fund. Need, regardless of family income, does not play favorites. Sometimes it is financial need, but other times it is a situation: a student who is living on their own and caring for a sibling; a mother who can no longer work during her cancer treatments; an immigrant family trying to get on their feet in a new country. 

For example, this year, many Robinson students have been faced with multiple transportation barriers, including the lack of city bussing that travels out to the school. One Robinson family moved to Nebraska in search of more job opportunities, where both parents found work but did not have a vehicle. The family was relying on family support but needed gas money to get their students to and from school each day. With the help of the Student Emergency Fund, this family can ensure their child can get to school.  

"As money gets tighter, our parents are finding living day to day is getting a little more difficult. It's becoming more evident that a bridge is needed to get them to the end of the month. The support this fund has makes it possible for more of our kids to be in school every day. Learning requires attendance, and this fund makes that possible.” -Robinson Elementary Social Worker 

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