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Fall Newsletter: Bryan Community Focus Program Wellness Garden

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools’ Fund a Need program uniquely connects our generous community with teachers and students in need - and it was the perfect opportunity to raise funds for the Bryan Wellness Gardens. 

Bryan Community Focus Program knows that increasing awareness of wellness and providing opportunities for students to be more intentional in their focus helps students be successful and acquire tools to live healthier lives. With a community of learners who have often found themselves disinterested in traditional schooling, they continue to look for ways to increase engagement and support students in their lives and learning. 

This idea is coming to life with the creation of the Bryan Wellness Gardens and the generous donations through the Foundations Fund a Need program. The Bryan Wellness Gardens will offer an excellent way for students to connect learning from their classes to actual problem-solving and project implementation. Students will get involved in this project from the beginning with planning, design, fundraising, construction, planting, and maintenance of each area. 

Bryan Community Focus Program Principal Denise Craig says, “The hands-on projects have helped students get engaged knowing their work is impacting the community. We are excited to have a welcoming outdoor classroom where students can learn and a space they can be proud of helping create.” 

The gardens will have four zones: a peace garden, an outdoor classroom, a food garden, and an active zone. These zones will address emotional/mental, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, and environmental wellness. 

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