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Olsson Gives to Lincoln Public Schools’ New Soccer Facility with Community Improvement in Mind

Olsson, a leading engineering and design firm, reaffirms its dedication to community improvement through a significant donation to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools Fielding Dreams Capital Campaign supporting the development of athletics and activities complexes in partnership with Lincoln Public Schools. The firm has a strong community engagement and giving history, and this latest contribution exemplifies Olsson's ongoing commitment to creating spaces that benefit students and the broader community.

"At Olsson, we believe in improving communities," stated Jeff McPeak, Office Leader at Olsson. "We do that through our engineering projects, engagement, and giving by employees and the firm. Our past collaborations with the Foundation's programs Spark and The Career Academy and our longstanding partnership with Lincoln Public Schools have demonstrated our unwavering commitment to enhancing our communities' educational experience and overall quality of life."

Olsson has established a successful track record of collaboration with Lincoln Public Schools over the years to create numerous student learning spaces. The latest initiative to support athletics and activities complexes is driven by the belief that these facilities will enrich students' lives and foster a stronger sense of community.

"We are proud to have completed many engineering projects through our partnership with Lincoln Public Schools," McPeak added. "We know these projects create learning spaces for students that, in turn, significantly impact the community. Providing funding support for the athletics and activities complexes will make these projects a reality and further enrich our community."

The ideal outcome for Olsson's gift is to provide students with access to top-tier facilities that promote essential life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. These state-of-the-art facilities will serve as a platform for students to showcase their talents, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, Olsson hopes that the athletics and activities complexes will become vital gathering spaces where the community can unite to support the students, reinforcing the bond between the school and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Olsson's commitment to community enrichment remains steadfast, and this generous contribution to the development of athletics and activities complexes exemplifies their dedication to improving the lives of students and the entire community. Through their ongoing support, Olsson continues to demonstrate that they are not just an engineering firm, but a partner dedicated to creating a brighter future for all.


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