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Science Enhancement Funds

In the 16 years Rob McEntarffer worked with Science Enhancement Funds at the Foundation for LPS, he has seen a lot of students’ science projects come to fruition— and he has seen their growth as scientists. “When students undertake independent research projects, they can follow a personal question and may realize science is accessible to them.” says McEntarffer. “Sticking with a project over time also can cement their commitment to science.” There are many funds dedicated specifically to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) at the Foundation. For instance, each year the Todd Francis Creative Research Fund and the Sue and Roger Kirby Science Enhancement Fund give students who want to experiment with science an opportunity to learn first-hand how to do just that. The Sue and Roger Kirby Science Fund, is designed to provide opportunities for students in 6th through 11th grade who are enthusiastic and have a high interest in science. This fund allows participation in significant and extended learning activities in the sciences. Preference is given to students who would not be able to participate in the activity without financial support. The Todd Francis Creative Research Fund started in 1991 as a memorial to sustain Todd’s passions in science, languages, and humanities. More than 80 projects have been funded involving more than 200 students and at least 27 faculty members. Students are encouraged to do preliminary research and develop a budget before approaching a faculty advisor for approval—it is then sent on to the committee for final selection. This year three students—all at the science focus program—will receive funding to pursue their projects. To apply for the Sue and Roger Kirby Science Fund, students submit an outline with a brief description of the project, one to three goals, and a research method—all of which need to be approved by a teacher. The sciences are alive and well in Lincoln Public Schools, and the Foundation is thrilled to inspire students by supporting scientific exploration in the classroom. We have nearly 50 funds dedicated to STEM—check them out on our website current projects and browse through STEM funds.

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