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LNE Sharon Holliday Consumer Science Activities Fund

Founded in remembrance of Sharon Holliday, the purpose of the LNE Sharon Holliday Consumer Science Activities Fund is to advance the work of Lincoln Northeast Family and Consumer Science activities through summer programs, after school programs, conferences, competitions or other enrichment opportunities not covered by LPS general funds.

Serving as the LNE FCS Department Chair for 6 years, Sharon possessed an undeniable passion for teaching. Sherry McCranie, a fellow FCS teacher at LNE, stated that, “Sharon was the most positive person I have ever known. She always focused on the good qualities of everyone she met, never saying anything negative.” Attempting to connect with her students on a personal level, Sharon believed that each student could achieve success and reach their goals if they were taught according to their individual learning styles. Her dedication to her students success did not go unnoticed by her peers. Kurt Glathar, the LNE Principal, stated that, “Sharon was such a kind and positive person. The relationship she forged with her students was strong, every student was one of Sharon's kids...she loved them and they loved her back. The day that the entire school went out to the street to cheer for and support Sharon in her battle with cancer will be a day I will always remember.” Not only was Sharon admired by her students, but she also served as a role model. Pursuing a Ph.D. later in life, Sharon embodied the importance of life-long learning.

Giving to the LNE Sharon Holliday Consumer Science Activities Fund will allow Sharon’s legacy to live on by helping students pursue their career goals in the culinary arts and FACS teaching. Glathar believes that, “Sharon would be proud to have been an influence on folks that will chose to donate to this fund.”

Contribute your gift to the LNE Sharon Holliday Consumer Science Activities Fund here.

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