They're the why.

You're the how.

Our dream is to connect you, our generous community, with the needs of LPS students. We want to inspire possibilities for all students to achieve their goals. With your support, we can lift up students and bring their education to life.

Invest in the young minds of our community. Empower students to reach their full potential. Ensure success for our future generations.

Strong, Stable Families

Addressing basic and emergency needs so all students come to school ready to learn

Research has shown that children, especially those at risk, are most successful when efforts are designed to engage and support the family’s ability to provide a safe and stable environment for their children. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools is committed to support our community’s efforts to increase protective factors and support whole child development.

Beyond The Classroom

Wrapping resources around extra-curricular activities

Activities such as athletics, arts and volunteerism help students learn critical life skills. Citizenship, health, teamwork, responsibility and leadership are enhanced through these experiences in high school. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools believes that opportunities such as these are important elements to the academic experience and to a successful adulthood. We strive to provide opportunities for students to recognize their potential through these many experiences.  

Next-Level Learning

Partnering with the community to enrich student learning

Next-Level Learning opportunities have the potential to be the great equalizer in education. Regular participation in high quality before and after school learning, and enriching summer school programs have been shown to help low-income students succeed academically on par with their more affluent peers. These programs, characterized by strong school-community partnerships, can also help high-performing students stay engaged and achieve even greater levels of understanding. In short, high-quality learning opportunities are for everyone - and the benefits they create are critical to Nebraska's future economy.

These opportunities don’t replace the traditional school day, but bring in a second shift of caring adults to enhance that learning, help students who need extra attention thrive and enrich the experience for students who crave more than an 8-3 day can give them.

Additionally there are many opportunities to expand and supplement the curriculum during the school day that traditional tax funding cannot adequately support.

At the Foundation for LPS our role is to bring resources to the ever strengthening relationships between industry, education and individuals who are providing these outstanding opportunities for students.

College and Career

Helping students get ready to thrive

In an increasingly competitive professional environment it is critical that students are prepared to economically sustain themselves when their education is complete. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools builds opportunities for students to explore the full range of career opportunities available to them. Whether they will enter the workforce right out of high school or go on to pursue a post-secondary education, resources must be available to help students successfully launch into adulthood.