We believe all students should have what they need to reach their full potential. We engage our community to inspire students and educators, and create educational opportunities that enhance academic and personal success.





Student Homeless Fund

Did you know that over 500 families in Lincoln Public Schools are homeless each year? With just over 46% of LPS students living at or below the poverty line, unexpected expenses can be devastating. Fixing that flat tire is sometimes a choice between having transportation so a parent can get to work or paying the rent. Many families make hard choices like these about basic needs: housing, clothing, food, warmth. Choices that affect students’ ability to focus and be successful, and carry life-long implications.

Our Homeless Student Funds are almost gone, and we need generous donors to help. Find out how you can make the difference for a family who is struggling.





Family Literacy - 2Gen

Family Literacy aims to help students and parents of all cultures learn imporant English language literacy skills. Last year, the program helped 120 students and 120 parents learn these skills, and 97% of participants thought that the program had made a significant difference! In addition to language skills, the Family Literacy program helps parents understand the importance of supporting their children's education.



Activities Assistance Fund

For most families, parents can support the equipment and supplies needed to be a part of a team. But for some, this can become a barrier to participate. This fund helps level the playing field. Each student who qualifies receives a voucher to purchase shoes, equipment and a physical provided by a community partner. Last year alone we distributed over $9,000 to 109 athletes. Help a student now so they can be a part of the team.





Spring Swing 2018

Lincoln Northeast High School

Welcome to Lincoln Northeast High Schools Spring Swing Fund a Need campaign. This event provides jazz students from the area to share in their love of Jazz Music without the pressure of competition. Your gifts will help thousands of students attend he performance that includes renting lights and stage and equipment costs.

The seventh annual event is March 24 and your gifts will help fund this event. This great event makes a difference for students and you can help ensure it will live for years to come. 

We have raised $1,795.00 of our goal.


Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs - Oh No!

Belmont Elementary School

Belmont Elementary first through fourth grade students would like to attend Dinosaurs Zoo Live at the Lied Center on January 9. Dinosaurs Live features life-size dinosaur puppets that will make the students' imaginations soar!

Your gifts will pay for tickets and the bus expenses incurred in taking approximately 530 students and staff to the performance. Belmont is in a high poverty area with about 80 percent of our students receiving free or reduced lunches. Belmont student families typically are not able to experience theater arts events. This experience will be an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate and teach their students proper etiquette and behavior in a theater setting. 


We have raised $625.00 of our goal.



Digital Keyboards: A Focus on CREATE!

Irving Middle School

At Irving Middle School we want our students to have a wide range of musical experiences. Our new state and national music standards have a renewed focus for music educators to provide unique opportunities for our students to CREATE music in our classrooms.

I would like to encourage our students to create music through an online website called Soundtrap on their chromebooks. As we turn the focus in our classrooms to creating music, these digital keyboards would give us a great jump start to meeting the musical passions of all of our Irving students.  

We have raised $75.00 of our goal.


Spotlight On


The Career Academy (TCA) is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. LPS students can explore their specific interest in any one of 16 different career pathways. Click here to learn more and donate.