Carstons Scholar - Kamryn Sannicks

When Kamryn Sannicks walked into the room at North Star High School and saw three adults she didn’t know waiting at the table, her stomach did a backflip. She was there to interview for the Carstens scholarship as a final candidate. “I knew this scholarship would be important for me to be able to go to school, because my mom isn’t able to provide for my college expenses.”

Wendy Van, the President of the Foundation was there, along with Board members Karla Cooper and Laurie Boyd Petty – and they knew something Kamryn didn’t: she had already been selected and they were there to tell her she was going to receive one of the four $40,000 scholarships. Students who are hard working, have faced and overcome challenges, and are majoring in business or agriculture are qualified to apply. “The donors hope this scholarship will be a life changing experience for the students, enabling them to achieve something that may have been out of reach,” says Wendy.

“It was an amazing moment – and one of my favorite things to do at the Foundation” Wendy continues, “These scholarships are so life-changing for students. We are grateful to Mr. Robert Carstens for having the foresight to establish a fund, through his estate, for students like Kamryn. His generosity and the vision his foundation directors have for his ideas is humbling.” Kelly Jo Hinrichs is the administrator of the Carstens Foundation. She believes it is important to support our community ‘s future parents and leaders.

To Kamryn, it has made a world of difference, “My mom knows I’m taken care of - now I can focus on being a student. This scholarship has taken all of the weight off my shoulders.” Kamryn plans on double majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in Software Programming. “After I graduate, I will go to basic training for the army and then serve in the army reserves. I hope to run for office someday and make a difference for people like my family and other families that need a fighting voice in the legislature, and in any elected office.”