Homeless Student Assistance

Mike loved being a dad. He and his wife Kris, have always had good jobs and done well for themselves. When little Jayden came along, they couldn’t believe how much they loved being parents. The late nights and extra chores, all paled in comparison to their perfect little girl. Soon she was in grade school, and everything was going right on track, Mike thought. Until the day Jayden ended up in the hospital with an unexpected medical complication that caused numerous outstanding medical bills. They couldn’t believe how expensive it was, but at least Jayden was ok. Mike and Kris set up a payment plan for their medical bills, but couldn’t pay them all, along with their rent and food bills - suddenly, they were on the verge of losing their home. Thankfully, they got help. The Foundation and LPS worked with the family to pool the back rent and pay the landlord with the help of generous Foundation donors. Now the family is back on track, and they don’t have to worry about uprooting Jayden from her school and home. Most families who receive assistance, only receive it once, due to unexpected circumstances. Assisting these families helps them to maintain stability over the long term.