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Week 9: Aerospace Engineering: A Long Way Down

JULY 26-30

We’ll travel to infinity and beyond! Taking our campers through aerospace---will we choose a parachute, a rocket ship or another form of travel to buzz our way around the atmosphere? We’ll find out when the journey begins!

In this session we’ll explore aerospace engineering and how different conditions impact and create different outcomes. We’ll discover how the surfaces of a planet, changes in atmosphere, and high and low temperatures can help or hinder our journey. And we will stargaze—astronomy plays a critical role in the design of space technologies, so campers will learn all about this connection (with their feet on the ground of course). After all, flying isn’t as simple as gluing on wings, it takes science to complete the mission!

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Define the components that affect aerospace dynamics and travel
  • Explore astronomy to design their own space technologies
  • Understand how earth elements connect to space sciences
  • Know how parachutes float and maintain stability

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: Aerospace, Astronomy
  • Science: Earth, Atmosphere, Solar System
  • Geography: Brazil