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Week 8: Architecture: Let’s Build!

JULY 19-23

What’s your favorite thing to build? A fort in your living room? Maybe it’s using Legos to recreate the Golden Gate Bridge, or a tower out of blocks—yikes—how high can you go before it tumbles over? Let’s explore together and build whatever our hearts desire!

Let’s explore how to build that tower so it’s not only taller than you’ve ever made it, but it doesn’t topple over. In this session we’ll dive into architecture and construction and learn how the piling of stones, the spanning of spaces and the use of large support beams all play a critical role in the buildings, homes and bridges around us. We’ll take apart some of the most famous structures in the world—and you won’t even need a hard hat!

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Learn the five structures of bridges and how they are built
  • Discover the engineering behind dome structures
  • Crawl into the architecture of tunnels and dams
  • Explore skyscrapers and learn how they are engineered to “stay put.”

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: Architectural Engineering
  • Geography: Global famous structures