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Week 7: Culinary Science: Food Lab

JULY 12-16

What do macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, chicken nuggets all have in common? Numbers! That’s right, and we aren’t talking about the “six” in a 6-piece chicken nugget from McDonalds (although we do love the happy meals!). Let’s explore the relationship between food, mathematics and science—we promise you won’t walk away hungry!

You eat every day and without even knowing it, when you eat you are exposed to dozens of mathematic and scientific concepts. This week we’ll use food for hands-on and virtual learning to breakdown the characteristics of the food we eat. You’ll recognize common patterns and colors and use that to make your own unique food item—then, we’ll eat it! So, don’t just bring your appetite for lunch, bring your appetite for science and math along with it.

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Learn food safety and measurement
  • Discover the physics associated with food and how it affects form and weight
  • Invent their own food based on the research they uncover
  • Identify common patterns, colors and other chemical makeups of their favorite foods

What they are learning:

  • Math: Physics and Chemistry
  • Science: Food Patterns, Colors and Textures
  • Geography: America