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Week 6: Material Engineering: Rocks & Artifacts

JULY 6-9

Rock, paper, scissors—we’ll go with rocks—and we think “Korg” would definitely agree with our choice. After all, individually, every rock is unique—some are small with jagged edges, others are large and round, some come together to build a strong “super powerful” character, and others are used to tell a story and teach us about history.

We’ll walk a rock (or should we say rocky?) adventure to learn what rocks can teach us about years past. We’ll learn how each rock is unique thanks to its individual properties. We’ll explore how these artifacts differ from man-made materials, what preserves them, and how engineering unfolds through every rock and stone. As engineers on a mission, we will replicate famous museum artifacts—it will be an epic time.

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Identify the varying properties of rocks compared to man-made materials
  • Learn to think like material engineers to solve real-word challenges
  • Discover how to replicate prehistoric artifacts
  • Embark on a journey of evolution of history intertwined with evolution of the mind

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: Breakdown of materials
  • Science: Earth and Space
  • Geography: Russia