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Week 5: Robotics & Coding


“Transformers Activate!” Optimus Prime would love this session, and you will too! We’ll jump into robotics and use the power of imagination to transform our minds into what’s possible. From circuits to coding, we’ll make, test and remake.

Let’s  explore and make our very own robots to control the world around us as we learn the difference between a circuit and a switch and jump into simple coding techniques. You’ll learn all kinds of robotic forms and coding strategies and then put them to great use in creating your own Robot! No wonder this session is always one of our most popular!

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Use coding tools to command a variety of their own robot designs.
  • Test how the mechanics and structure of a robot affects its function and completion of tasks.
  • Leverage their knowledge of electric and circuitry to enhance their designs. 
  • Have had a blast making a new robot friend along with IRL ones!

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: How to use engineering thinking routines to test and retest their designs
  • Technology: How digital and physical components work together to accomplish tasks
  • Science: Properties of Electricity