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Week 4: Space Engineering: In Good Hands

JUNE 21-25

…8…9…10…takeoff! Just like our US astronauts, you need the right materials for your space travels. Helmets, gloves and of course, a space suit!

This week we have a mission—so we’ll be getting ready for space travel together by exploring material engineering. You’ll learn the difference making materials made to travel to the moon vs. Mars. You’ll get to build your own materials and test them out in a space adventure by completing real-world challenges. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait, it’s your mission being completed!

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Work and think as material engineers
  • Discover the critical importance of materials in space travel
  • Document, experiment, record findings, and test the outcome of their hypothesis

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: Technology
  • Science: Space