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Week 2: Insects: Villain or Hero?


Most kids think of insects as pests. Some might even call them gross, slimy or dangerous. What if we told you that some insects are actually heroes? Consider bees…fuzzy, buzzy and a flowering plant’s BFF; their superhero power: sticky hair. 

A bee’s life is tough. Their kryptonite: insecticide. So, what happens when the system is broken and bees don’t show up? We need you to design a self-pollinator machine to help. 

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Explore and discuss the field of agricultural engineering.
  • Read and act out the roles of insects, farmers and agricultural engineers in a play.
  • Test the efficacy of various materials for picking up and dropping off “pollen” represented by baking soda.
  • Design, build and test their own hand pollinators.
  • Have a massive amount of fun and perhaps save the world?!?

What they are learning:

  • Science: Lifescycles
  • Engineering: Basics of Industrial Design
  • Mathematics: Problem Solving, Data Analytics
  • Social Studies: Global Agricultural Issues, Culture of the Dominican Republic