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Week 10: Ocean Engineering: Taking the Plunge


Let’s swim over the ocean floor and see what we find. Will we see Ariel, lost treasures from the Titanic, or the infamous home of Nemo? We won’t know until we dive in with our campers for a week of discovery (of course with all the right underwater gear).

The ocean is full of treasures, whether we are diving in, snorkeling with the water habitat, or using under water vehicles to explore—we’ll get lost in the adventure. We’ll learn how to navigate our way around the ocean floor through sounding poles and sonar. And we’ll apply density, floating and “why we sink” knowledge to our own under water equipment as we map our way through the world under the sea.

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Appreciate the field of ocean engineering
  • Expose themselves to new underwater cultures
  • Learn how to map the ocean floor through aesthetics and instruments
  • Retrieve under water treasures that open their minds

What they are learning:

  • Engineering: Oceanography
  • Science: Physical Sciences
  • Geography: Greece