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Our Curriculum

Week 1: Maker Party!

JUNE 1-4

Who wants to be a master maker? We all do! And you’re in luck because we specialize in creating “master makers” through combining your imagination with our special design process to help you bring “what you imagine” to life. The possibilities are endless!

Master makers do all sorts of things, but the one thing they have in common is bringing ideas together to make and create useful things. It’s a five-step process of ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE AND REIMAGINE, and it brings to life incredible ideas. You may use your hands, or you may use interactive design to create a 3D model, in the end it’s all in your hands. After all, you are a “master maker in the making!”

By the end of the week campers will:

  • Build skills creation skills they can use all summer long
  • Gain hands-on experience with interactive design and 3D printing
  • Solve problems in unique and useful ways
  • Apply creativity to create new and useful things