About Us

STEAM-Focused Learning

Summer is the perfect time to explore, create, and get hands-on in ways that children can’t get enough of.

  • STEAMChildren may not know what STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) stands for, but they know how to do it. The problems they want to solve are big and broad so the STEAM fields had to join forces and make this acronym.

  • Design ThinkingNo one knows what tomorrow will bring, but the bigger the problems the bigger the solution. Spark students learn how to approach problems with design thinking. Our simple 5-step Design path sets the scene for them to solve challenges creatively. We can’t tell you about the future, but we can help you make it.

  • Highly Qualified StaffOur staff members are certified teachers, most of whom come from Lincoln Public Schools. This is huge because we like lots of children working on lots of projects, so having pros in the room makes the whole thing run smoothly.

  • Jumpstart LearningSpark learning aligns with LPS curriculum so children get a chance to freely explore more about what they have learned and get a sneak peek at what is on the horizon.